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Vinyl Banner

Vinyl banner is a good choice for advertising your events and sales, which is less costly and less time consuming. It is eye-catching and weather-proof. At Sydney Print Media, we can print both single- and double-sided vinyl banner and finish them with eyelets, ropes or rod pockets for you to hang them up. It is one of the most versatile types of banners that can be installed easily both indoors and outdoors in all size.

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Ideal for indoors and outdoors advertising.

Finishing with rope and eyelet, it is easy tohang or fix on a fence.

Finishing with keder rope, it is ideal way toinstall a banner on a large wall. First install the aluminium keder rail on thewall then slid the keder banner in the rail. The keder banner can be replacedwithout changing the keder rail.

Printing - Full Colour Printing

Durable outdoor rated inks ensure an excellentappearance for years.

440gsm frontlit

Superb entry level product, suitable for abroad range of uses. Laminated PVC makes a cost-effective product which iswidely used across the industry. One of the few products approved and specifiedfor Australian Billboards.

560gsm blockout

Coated Blockout specifically designed withstrength & durability in mind. Printable both sides and light enough forthe testing application of banner poles.


1. Do you supply banners with keder edging?

    Yes, we do. Keder edging is for use withaluminium sailtrack.

2. Do you supply double sided banners?         

   Yes, we print double sided vinyl banners andcan finish them with eyelets, ropes or rod pockets for you to hang them up.

3. How large can my outdoor banner be?

    We manufacture the Vinyl Banners with amaximum height of 3000mm. We can supply any width required although we limitthe size of each banner to 10 metres width. Banners wider than 10 metres aresplit (i.e. a 20 metre wide banner will be supplied in 2 x 10 metre widths).

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