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Teardrop Banner And Flags

Flags are highly vibrant, versatile and effective display solution for indoor and outdoor

marketing. They are portable, fast and easy display to best represent your company,

brand in the front of your company or in an event.

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3 x Shapes available: Teardrop / Bow /Rectangle

4 x Base available:

Spike Base for outdoor grass area

Cross Base for indoor, flat floor

Cross Base + water bag – between indoor andoutdoor with little wind, such as entrance of a building

Heavy metal base for outdoor, flat area

Single Sided - Translucent Polyester

Double Sided - Opaque Polyester with ablock out layer in between

Printing – Digital Dye-sub printing   

Indoor life – Long term

Outdoor life - Generally flags fabric last6 months and longer however this is very much

dependent on frequency of exposure andweather conditions


1. How Long is the turnaround time?   

    We can produce your flags in as little as 5working days. No minimum order is required.

2. Are the flags washable?

    Yes. You can wash the flag in the washing machine.We strongly recommend you wash with cold water and air dry.

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