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At Sydney Print Media, we have a wide range of generic and specialty self-adhesive vinyl stocks with a variety of applications and can be supplied in any shape and size to suit all your needs. Increase the longevity of your stickers by adding a protective laminate.

It can be used on windows and most flat clean surface. It is great for short team promotions. Depends on the stock you choose; it can be last from 1 year to 7 years

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Bubble Free vinyl – Easy to install, bubbles can beeasily pushed out. suitable for beginner installer and DIY.   

High Tack vinyl – suitable foruneven and rough surfaces, such as shop hoardings, concrete walls.

Low-tac & removable vinyl -suitable for delicate surfaces and short term use and can be easily removedwithout leaving residue or damaging the surface. (For average removable vinyl,the removability is 6 month, after 6 month it will be come a normal vinyl.)

Most sticker can be die cut asindividuals or kiss cut on sheets. Vinyl is waterproof, scratch resistant andsuitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Monomeric vinyl    =   1 to 2 years lifespan

Premium Monomeric Vinyl   = 3 years lifespan

Polymeric Vinyl = 4 to 5 years lifespan

Premium Polymeric Vinyl = 5 to 7 years lifespan

Cast Vinyl (For car wrap) = 7 years lifespan

Q:   How do I know which vinyl is suitable for what I need?

A:   Our friendly staff on hand are more than happy to discuss which             

       would be the most suitable product for your needs.  

Q:   Can vinyl sticker stick on any surface?

A:   Vinyl sticker can be sticker on glass and most clean surface. It can be stick on a surface that is too cold or too hot. It the surface is painted by a Teflon paint; vinyl may not work. If you are not sure about the surface, It is good to ask for a sample and test.

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