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Posters are ideal for advertising events, promoting in-store/out-door campaigns, delivering presentations and more.

Material choices of 200 gsm synthetic paper or 250gsm gloss paper.

Double sided printing is available on synthetic paper.

Special finishing: with pockets, hanging rails, eyelets are available.

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       POS in-store campaigns

       Outdoor display

       Hanging display

       Artistic framing

       Max. width 1500mm, Max. height5000mm

       Full colour CMYK print

       Material:   Synthetic paper 200gsm (waterproof and UV andtear resistant material)

       Printed on HP latex printers orhigh-resolution UV printers, suitable for a close view.

       Double sided printing isavailable - material: 250gsm block-out synthetic paper.

How do I hang a poster?

Alumiunium poster railand wodden dowel are avaliable, please email your request, we can help you onthose.

What file types do you accept?

We accept .pdf, .ai, .jpeg, .png

Which colour mode should I save the file with?

Our print machines are specifically made toprint using the CMYK colour mode. Make sure your design is in CMYK for bestresults.

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