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Free Standing Display

The Free-Standing Display (FSD) is made of corrugated cardboard. Usually, it has 2 to 4 shelves with locking tabs.

They are designed to be able to flat pack in a shipper box for easy transportation.

Commonly used corrugated cardboard is B flute (DWLB) and BE flute (DWLBE) depends on the weight of product that sit on the shelf.

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It can be used in supermarkets, retail shops andbottle shops etc. It can hold product for short team premotion, items on sale,especial offers and new arrivals.

It is made of cardboard, recyclable at most places.

Digitalflatbed printed - printed direct ontocardboard and digitally cut use a CNC cutting table, fast turnaround time.variable data and image can be printed. Suitable for small to medium productionrun. Combined with die cutting, digital printing can also do large runs,especially the display require a larger printable size. Digital printable areais 1500x2500mm.

Offset printed – use offset printer to print thedesign thin paper stock, that is then laminated to corrugated board. Thelaminated board will go through a die cutter after print. The process tooklonger time suitable for large quantity run.


Q.    What is the turn the aroundtime for Digital printed?

A.     In general, a small qty can bedigital printed in 3 to 5 working days, medium size job can be done within 2weeks.

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