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Floor Decals

The floor is a great space for advertising which is commonly overlooked, making floor decals great for promotional campaigns, special offers and great for saving space. Our range covers all types of floor surfaces including smooth surfaces, polished and painted concrete, Lino, Wood, Tile as well as Concrete, Brick and Asphalt, both indoor and outdoor.

As well as being almost impossible for customers not to see, floor graphics are also a great way to keep people socially distanced and spaced within a shop, office, venue or public space.

Floor decals are available in 3 finishes which are rated for anti-slip, R9, R10 and R12.   

Let our staff know whether the decals are required just for an event, short term use or for more permanent long-term use and we can suggest the best floor stocks and offer the most suitable, cost effective option to suit your needs.   

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Floor decals are printed on both our HP Latex and UV Flatbed printers in high resolution, full CMYK colour and can be produced in custom sizes and as square cut, cut to a customized shape or even as individual cut letters.

All of our Floor stocks are water and UV resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

To get the maximum longevity out of your floor decals, we suggest supplying artwork as a circle shape or with rounded corners.   

Our R9, R10 and R12 Floor stocks have all undergone thorough testing as a result of the ‘slip test’ of Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

Santex lamination R9               

3 to 6 months indoor (Tiles, Wood, polished concrete, laminated flooring)

Arlon lamination - R10         

3 to 6 months indoor (Tiles, Wood, polished concrete, laminated flooring)

TexWalk Direct print - R12                   

9-12 months (Capet entrance, events, offices, concrete, Brick)


Asphalt (Alu-Foil) Direct print - R12                     

9-12 months Indoor + Outdoor (Council path, car park, uneven rough surfaces, Concrete, Brick)  

Q:   How do I know which vinyl is suitable for what I need?

A:   Our friendly staff on hand are more than happy to discuss which             

      would be the most suitable product for your needs.  

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