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Fabric Lightbox And Frame

The frame is constructed using aluminium extrusions with easy connect corner system and has the option of LED lights as backlit.

The aluminium extrusions can be assembled just in a few steps, very suitable for events and exhibitions. While the structure is very sturdy, it is also suitable for permanent feature and fittings.

Digitally printed fabric with silicon edge which can be easily insert into the aluminium frame without using any tools. Replacing the fabric is also very easy, just need to pull the silicon edge out from any corner.

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A standard frame or light box can be parked in ashipper box that travel from venue to venue doing presentations. Ideal fortrade shows, sales presentations, training sessions and pop-up promotions.

Connect multiple frames for an even biggerimpression

Fabric is woven polyester with UV coating, creaseresistant. You can fold it into a postbag and send it.

Printing - 4 color - UV direct print

Indoor life - 3 years +

Outdoor life: Not suitable

What is the largestsize available?

We have done asingle large lightbox 2.5x10m. It can be 3m in height.

What kind of aluminium extrusion are available?

We have 15 kinds ofextrusion in stock. Suitable for different area, please contact us for moreinformation.

Can the frame/lightbox free standing?

Yes. We have feetwhich can be added at the bottom to make it free standing.

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