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Screen Board

Screen board is a lightweight but strong cardboard substrate which has a vibrant print finish as well as being a great cost effective option for retail and shop displays.

Screen board signs are very popular for ‘point of sale’ applications designed to grab your attention.

We print in a very high resolution on our state-of-the-art flatbed printers and cut the panels and custom shapes with precision using our digital flatbed cutter.

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Screen Board is available in 1mm and 2mm thickness and can be die-cut to almost any shape and size within the maximum available sheet size of 1220x2440.  

We are able to print both single and double sided making it a great substrate for hanging posters, mounting to the wall, Header Cards, POS displays, strutted counter cards etc.   

Available thinness 1mm / 1.5mm / 2mm

Full color direct print

2-3year lifespan

Q:   How do I know which substrate is suitable for what I need?

A:   1m and 1.5 mm are suitable for a hanging panel size 600x600 mm or less.

     2mm screen board is suitable for a hanging panel size 600x1200mm or less.

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