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Foam PVC

Foamed PVC - This is a strong and durable option, it is condensed PVC foam, and is used in a variety of applications. However, in the 1mm,2mm,3mm range, the stock is not rigid and has the ability to flex and bend –this is ideal for some applications. 5mm and higher offer a more rigid product.

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This product canalso be custom cut into any shape.

PVC Foam Sheet is a chemically foamed, rigid, lightweight extruded sheet with a closed cell

structure. It has a smooth matt surface finish onboth sides.

Density: 0.55 -070 g/cm3

Hardness:   ≥42

Printing - 4 color - UV direct print

Indoor life - 3 years +

Outdoor life: Not suitable

What Is the LargestSize Available?

We offer doublesided boards up to 3000mm x 1500mm on 3mm PVC.

What ThicknessFoamed PVC Are Available?

1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm.

Is this product canbe custom cut into any shape?

Yes – We can cut onour Zund cutters, we can double side tape if needed.

We use Forex™PVC – Number 1 Brand in the country for colour consistency and qualityfinish and cutting.

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